About Us

MIMMO Play Cafe was founded in 2018, inspired by the values of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.  Our mission was to create a beautiful rich space in the Farmington Valley where children and caregivers could thrive. We chose the name MIMMO – a term of endearment in Italy meaning “little one”- because of it’s meaning and the ease with which children can say it. From that moment, MIMMO became a destination for play and discovery. Fast forward to 2020, when the world changed and our very survival required that we use our imaginations to find a way to bring play to kids at home and to make our in-studio experience more personalized and safe.  The heartbeat of MIMMO will stay the same, but we are introducing a new studio experience, an expanded retail and e-commerce centerpiece and at-home options to engage your child(ren) in meaningful play and activities.  

A world of wonder and discovery await in our studio – an interactive private play space dedicated to showcasing our Wonder Shop products!  Limited programming and classes for controlled groups available by reservation!

A curated retail space and online marketplace with handmade and speciality Reggio-inspired toy and creative products to cultivate imagination and encourage educational play!

Experience the wonder of learning and play in your home setting with classes and pop-up events that come to your front door!  Celebrate your child’s birthday safely with one of our customized birthday parties!

A Whole New World. . .


With the challenges of Covid-19 making it no longer feasible or safe to continue our prior model of business, we have adjusted our once-open format in our studio to a reservations-only private play or play group experience.  Parents are encouraged to form their own groups and book a time for play or a Studiopod class. Celebrations will be limited to a maximum of 10 children.  Our Café has transformed to a cozy retail space that is open during our business hours for browsing and purchases.  Rest assured that we will be continuously taking the following precautions to keep both our families and our staff safe:

* Consistent and thorough sanitizing of our common spaces and products with CDC approved products and thorough sanitizing of our studio, toys and equipment in between all play sessions with CDC approved products.  We also use a medical grade air purifier.

* Temperature checks of our staff with any staff member experiencing symptoms or illness to be sent or kept home.

Wonder. Curiosity. Capability.


 The pleasure of learning, of knowing, and of understanding is one of the most important and basic feelings that every child expects from the experiences he confronts alone, with other children, or with adults. It is a crucial feeling which must be reinforced so that the pleasure survives even when reality may prove that learning, knowing, and understanding involve difficulty and effort. It is in this very capacity for survival that pleasure is transformed into pure joy.
–Loris Malaguzzi

Wonder Opportunities


Wonder & Discovery

This class is designed to provide some guided opportunities for children to explore the studio on their own with curated invitations to play in our sensory sink, light table, facilitate art and science and projector. With an emphasis on highlighting the extraordinary and a sense of wonder, our goal is to begin a lifelong love of learning through play and discovery.

*We sanitize and clean all surfaces between each session and have a medical grade air purifier.  

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Private Pop-Up & play

Our new studio is ready for your private play visit all week long. In March we will be Celebrating Uniqueness and Diversity with age appropriate experiences and materials.  Many of our unique products will be used in the studio to create experiences to promote exploration.

*We sanitize and clean all surfaces between each session and have a medical grade air purifier.

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MOSAIC: Celebrating Diversity is our newest collection of products, featuring some fun proprietary items – like our Mosaic Resin Letter sets, some unique items offerings from children’s toy vendors from around the world and our complimentary Mosaic Diversity Color Book, available for immediate download.    We are proud to have curated our Resin Letter set with Instagram blogger Felicia Singard (@bygracepodcasts):

“Collaborating on the concept and design of this beautiful MOSAIC Resin Collection with MIMMO Wonder Company has been inspiring and empowering. As an empath, I feel the need for these letters and numbers more than ever. There is nothing that should be more celebrated and placed at our children’s fingertips than diversity. Children learn best through play so helping them spark joy with all of the glorious shades of the globe might just spark a movement. World changes begin at home.”

Give your favorite child the gift that TRULY keeps giving!  Our Gift Cards are easily purchased online and can be emailed directly to your recipient in minutes! They are available in any denomination and can be redeemed for child or adult programs, parties and in our Wonder Shop. Click to purchase!