Heather LaCasse, founder and owner, has two successful children ages 17 and 20, and is a native of West Hartford. She has over 15 years experience in early childhood and nonprofit management. Her diversified professional background in administration, marketing/communications and passion for education, allows her to lead MIMMO to its full potential.

The vision for MIMMO came about in 2016 after her love for the Reggio Emilia approach and the idea of building a community that is inspired by a “beautiful life”. Heather was exposed heavily to the arts at an early age. Her father was a photojournalist for the New York Times and associated press; her grandparents were professional classical musicians and educators; and her mom was an early childhood educator and lover of film and literature.

“I grew up in with an Italian family where the richest of memories came from everyone coming together and celebrating with the beauty of food, connections and celebration. I am committed to incorporating all of these elements within MIMMO Play Cafe and feel strongly that you will call MIMMO your “second home”, as well as a rich place where your child will flourish!“
~ Heather LaCasse


The staff at MIMMO Wonder Company is different than you will find at any other local play outlet for children.  Our team is comprised of educators with backgrounds in early child development and have hands on experience working with children to inspire learning and foster knowledge.  The Wonder Team is on-hand to curate play and make recommendations to parents to create a model for home learning.