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Count with Me Play Set

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Our World is filled with numbers. On signs, in magazines, books, money. You count with numbers. Pay with numbers. Discount with numbers. Paint by numbers. Help your little one better understand this crazy world of Numerals, Numbers, Counting, and Mathematics with this simple wooden Count With Me Play Set. Help deepen your little Mathematician's understanding of numbers 1-10 - both their numerals, written form, as well as what they represent. Stack up the circular coins to show the volume of what each numeral stands for...or lay the in a line - like a graph - to give a pictorial image of what all those numbers mean. Help build you little one's understanding of one-to-one ratios and number recognition while enhancing fine motor skills and playing with mathematics at play time. You can use the number cards as "money" or the coins as "change" while pretending to run a shop or restaurant. Our world is filled with numbers - let your little one explore it with these hands-on, open-ended play pieces.

Each play set comes with:

- 10 Number Boards - with both the numeral and number words written on them to support number recognition
- 55 circular coins that can be stacked for better number comprehension - what does five look like stacked? What does 5 look like laid out flat? --- Enough coins to visualize all the Number Boards simultaneously
- A wooden box for easy clean up and storage


- Each Number Board measures approximately 3" square
- Each circular coin measures approximately 1" in diameter

*All the pieces are left in their natural wooden state. I suppose you could paint them if you wanted to, but I would suggest using all the same color so that when little ones are relating the numbers to one another they can more easily visual the difference between them.

The pieces in the Count With Me Play Set are small and could pose a choking hazard. Children should always be supervised while at play.

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